Thursday, December 01, 2005

December 1st: Checking In!

Greetings All ~ Well today is the 1st day of December and a busy day for a lot of people. Please forgive me for not checking in before. I am usually busy on one project or another with lots of work to do both online, offline and inline.
Some time ago Brother Phil S. first invited me onto this Blog after I posted something on the DDN List. I 'met' Brother Phil in the virtual reality of cyberspace via the DDN Group. One link leads to another and it took awhile for me to get the hang of this program. I also dig the Picasa Picture Program.

By way of introduction, my name is Peter S. Lopez {aka Peta de Aztlan} and I am 54-Earth years of Mexican-American-Native ancestry who lives in Sacramento, California. I am the Moderator for the Humane Rights Agenda Yahoo Group, created a related companion Blog and the other day started up a new DDN Community.

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These times are interesting times, times of global troubles and times of global promises. Usually when I am online I post News about current events from a 'progressive perspective'. I love the Power of the Internet for helping to build bridges between people who come from a wide variety of geo-social situations and know that mass education is a key equalizer.

Today I caught the #38 Regional Transit Bus to go into the downtown area, hopped on and was going to seat up front when I saw a placard by the seat behind the Bus Driver that had a Picture of Sister Rosa Parks on it that said, "This Seat Reserved for Rosa Parks'. I thought that was really cool.


I told the ‘White’ Bus Driver that the idea was cool as I took a seat behind ‘Rosa's’ seat. He said that some people just sat there without respecting it. I told him maybe they were just ignorant or wanted to be closer to her memory.

After a couple of bus stops an elderly Black gentleman got on the bus and just sat in 'her' seat. After a minute he looked up and saw the placard, smiled, slowly nodded a his head a few times, then, strained his aging body to get up and take a seat across the aisle.

Then, after a few more stops a Chinese lady got on with her friend and plopped herself down in Rosa’s seat. During a stop downtown by the K Street Mall the bus driver told her that the seat was taken and could she sit elsewhere. The bus had plenty of room, but she was busy gagging in Chinese to her friend. Perplexed, she just moved to another seat.

I love the diversity of America as it is our curse and it is our blessing.

I just thought I would share that with you all and whoever reads these lines. Sharing is caring. In fact, a big part of our problems as an endangered life-species is our not sharing with others out of our greed, even when some of us have so much in great abundance and others have so little that they barely stay alive.

Today is the 50th Anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott sparked by Rosa Parks, the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement.

I am watching Democracy Now right now, my Favorite TV Program on the one-eyed cyclops known as the TV.

Tonight is the David Letterman Show with Queen Oprah. Funny how people can hold onto grudges like a pain of old tennis shoes they refuse to give up when they don't even play tennis.

Good Health and Blessings To You All ~ Hermano Peta


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