Monday, July 23, 2007

Only 5 more months until Christmas

It's been a really quiet group in terms of posting I see. Let me catch you guys up on what I've been up to and hopefully it will spark some discussions.

At work, we really kicked the podcasting into high gear. If interested you can check them out at (sorry if it is shameless self-promotion, but if I don't .. who will right?).

I've also been experimenting with mobile blogging (blogging via mobile device, in my case a cell phone) and it is hit or miss. On my blog, you can see a service that I use called Mojungle that allows you to embed a snippet of code into your website or blog and then upload images to it. Those images will appear in a window and users can click through all the pictures. Several other companies offer free services similar to this, but strangely the mobile blogging tool for/by Blogger doesn't work.

Go figure.

Anyhow, hope everyone is having a great summer and don't forget... there are only 5 more months until Christmas.



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