Saturday, January 21, 2006

a word on podcasting

i really like this move to podcasting (and not just because apple and apple hardware has had such an impact on its growth as a medium) but because i can listen to hundreds of stations, hundreds of shows, and now even watch some things, via the magic of podcasting.

if you are not familiar with it, it is basically shows (audio mostly, but increasingly video) that you can download into iTunes software (mac or pc). these shows --also known as podcasts-- are largely free, and you simply subscribe to the feed --a link that is updated by the producers that lets you know when a new show is available. when a new show is available, it is automatically downloaded to your computer and you listen to it ... in your leisure. you can even transfer the podcast to your ipod.

i especially like it on days like today (cloudy, wet, cold ... yes, houston is cold right now or soon will be since i have not actually been outside yet) when i have other indoor activities, like cleaning and straightening to do, and would rather LISTEN than WATCH (a television). it also gives me a range of shows to listen to from old favorites from DC and other cities on NPR, ed shultz, music, and TONS of computer shows (mostly mac of course).

but there are shows on just about every imaginably topic and from thousands of small and large broadcasters that podcast and i am known to step out and listen to offbeat and little known podcasts well.

i think discovery of new (and largely commercial free) podcasts is the greatest appeal. real people contributing real ideas (however large or small) to the masses.


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