Saturday, December 31, 2005

Peter's Favorite TV Show

is also my daily obsession-- though I'm as likely to catch it online as through the tv. In my city, Democracy Now airs only by the grace of Public Access Television. I had a fascinating discussion with the former director of the station recently & am curious to know how other communities handle public access airwaves. The small resources available for Community Television pale in comparison to the City Government Cable Channel or School District Cable Channel, but our ctc-net center has made good use of the access in the past -- creating media content with teens & young children working cooperatively on projects. However, our local public access channel cannot escape the perception that it is the niche for "freaks"-- wonderfully diverse programming by the local motorcycle gang, a country-western singer, local orchestras, churches, a vegan who weekly grills meat with no commentary for one hour (just one long steady, gross shot), local rappers, public domain movies, interviews with community members. What does your local community access channel feel like?


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